My dog Yuki was a silent talker only heard by those who understood animal communication often called telepathy. It’s a language of love and vibrations traveling on the air waves to anyone receptive enough to hear these atmospheric sounds turn into words. The first day we met, I marveled over his delicate face the likes I had never seen before. Then he spoke, “What took you so long?” I laughed out loud and told the man standing next to his cage, “I want the black and white puppy. The one who has been waiting for me.” 

The Zen of Yuki

Yuki and I often passed telepathic people on our walks. Naturally, Yuki being a verbose dog would strike up a conversation that caused them to stop and tell me what my dog had to say of interest. “I’m a sweet and precious boy sent here to love everybody and take care of my mom.” He prattled on in this vein whenever he encountered someone who understood this magical language. Eventually, I attended animal communication classes and discovered with practice I could commune with all the animals in one manner or another. For me it was mostly, their thoughts to my ears, sometimes words, and often images that conveyed what was on their minds. Yuki and I cherished these walks and the people who gathered around us to take in this special little dog, later to be known as a healer animal. My heart still cries over the memory of him.

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