The unpleasant words of others often bang against my good time and cause exasperation only a court jester could assuage. We open our doors to personal trainers and massage therapists. Why not let in someone who will lift our spirits on a bad day? Even while considering this notion, my mind gets busy telling me all the reasons why it’s an insane idea thought up by the idiot offspring of a fool. On the other hand, maybe this is the time to dismiss the personal trainer and look around for some comic relief. Just the idea of it makes me laugh.

I could hire myself out as a court jester and make more money than I do as a writer. Rich people would pay a fortune to have someone following along behind them cracking jokes, producing pithy rejoinders, and throwing in the occasional philosophical understanding to their knotty problems. Really rich people live in a bubble outside of reality often feeling isolated because they can’t tell the difference between their hangers-on and their friends. My insight would be an asset to pointing out the difference.

When ghostwriting for the occasional celebrity, I noticed the need for an entourage to get them through the day was comprised of a small crowd of people who talked constantly, wore an ear bud attached to a phone in one ear, and listened to their Meal Ticket with the other ear. Of course, they would have to go, so I could do my job of keeping the boss in an easy mood while he did his thing, making money to support a high-priced lifestyle, which included a pack of unnecessary people. Naturally, being an honest sort, I would point out the absurdity of complicating one’s life with the useless ideas of others. Celebrities rarely have time to swim in their own swimming pools and workout in the home gym, both of which could go by the wayside. I could have the boss living off his investments in a cottage surrounded by flower gardens with dogs romping in the grass. When giving this notion some thought, it sounds like the life I would like to live and too there’s the problematic possibility that rich people like feeling important, daily dramas, and yelling at their people as a form of relief, which brings me to the point where I would likely lose my job for speaking the truth of things.

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