While easing myself into a peaceful respite on the big couch, Beauregard Eddington slips into an empty corner of my headspace left vacant of natural parents. Until hearing the name of a famous dad I never knew existed, I could not see him on the dog grapevine. He’s a tired dog but handsome in a dignified way, glowing from a heart that would sacrifice his life out of loyalty to man and animal. He’s a Marine among big dogs and a veteran of many battles. Dear old Dad how sweet your name passing through the empty space waiting for me to get a gander of my noble lineage. So, I’m pretty high on myself right now wrapped in a blanket and yawing from needing a good nap. The very moment my mouth opens to take a gulp of air, one of the ducklings falls in and I nearly choke to death trying not to swallow the little mite. I put Dad on a back burner while grabbing Lester with my paw the second he flies out of my mouth, leaving a dry taste of duck. I continue coughing like an asthmatic hippo, now with both ducklings peering down my throat resembling two dentists inspecting the cavernous mouth of a patient. More coughing sends them flying underneath the covers. Nothing but peeping and ruffled nerves soon lying in a heap, I groan from the indignity.

I hear the light steps of Alice the animal communicator coming to check on Yours Truly. An angel peers down at me emitting the sweetest scent this dog boy has ever enjoyed rushing up his nose causing the cilia hairs to dance to an olfactory tune expressing pure elation. Then she picks up the cover to check on the two twits wrecking my good time.

“Bernard, you alright?” 

I stare up at her tiny face and long eyelashes. She wears her auburn hair in a French bob that looks beauty salon perfect. I only know about this stuff ‘cause Kahu left the computer running on YouTube giving me a gander of life in the human world. They seem to place a lot of attention on their appearance yet come up short maintaining the environment. Another video brought my mind to the damage being done every day to our trees, plants, and anything that walks among the pesticides. My mind leans heavily on this subject. Now that I’m a new dad, I’ve got to be mindful of the chemicals our neighbors use to kill the weeds and while I’m giving it a thought, who decided there’s a difference between weeds and flowers?

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