My Kahu hugs me from the side to keep from crushing the ducklings. He doesn’t mind my drool when he kisses me with enthusiasm and tells me I’m a good boy and he’s sorry for not knowing how important being introduced as Mastiff Bernard is to me. He goes on to make a lot of other slobbery comments on what a beautiful soul I am; all spiritual references I prefer to keep to myself, but then when taking a peek at the animal communicator’s face, I notice it glows causing me to become comfortable with my spiritual side displayed in full view of someone who thirty minutes ago was a stranger. I don’t want everyone to think I have a high opinion of myself followed by occasional lapses into not caring what anyone except Kahu and now Miss Alice the animal communicator think of me. Once in a while, I let my thoughts meander on the dark side and come across the notion ‘if they don’t like me then they can kiss my Mastiff butt’. I really reduce myself at these times. I know I’m no saint, just an emissary of the Divine Dog who put me here to help others. 

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