The new duckling offsprings poke around my fur looking for something, except they never stop peeping, so it makes me wonder what they could be going on about. Then finally, they settle down for a nap. This gives me time to check on Otto and Charlie after asking Ralph for an update. “Got Charlie’s particulars. Rhode Island Animal Control found his house to pick up a rag with his scent on it. Last I hears was them peoples put up a fuss ‘bout bein’ reported for animal abuse, but they signed over their rights to Charlie to keep from bein’ arrested on the spot. Rhode Island don’t mess aroun’ much when it come to animal cruelty. Don’t’ mind peoples shootin’ each other but gotta keep the dogs safe. Sounds like it should be their state motto if’n you ask me, huh, Bernard?”  I agree with Ralph and then ask about Charlie’s Auntie. “She real happy ‘bout takin’ in little Charlie and give him a good home. Even promised to bake special treats for ‘im instead o’ that store-bought stuff. So now, them Animal Control peoples on their way to pick up Otto and let ‘im loose to find Charlie. He still at the same location?”

“Thanks, Ralph, that’s some impressive work you do. Yeah, Charlie, he’s staying put underneath the bridge, which is one lane with the occasional horse and buggy crossing it along with a random tractor. My guess, it’s farmland near a spiritual community keeping their old ways. Either that or the people with the buggies can’t afford cars no more what with inflation eating into their household budgets. Anyway, the little dog figures he’s ten miles south of town if that helps.”

“Ten mile nothin’ for a bloodhound. We have them both gathered up by tomorrow some time. Where you wantin’ us to deliver Otto? A bloodhound deserve better than being tied to a backyard post. Boston animal-loving police officer driving to the Rhode Island precinct in person and bringing back Otto  when Charlie’s safe and sound. They don’t ask no questions on what we doin’ with him, and I knew you’d want a say in rehoming him. Gotta take care of our own, Bro.” He waves a paw at me. Ralph also possesses transvision, same as this dog, so communicating with him is a visual joy.

This one happy dog knowing my buddies are on their way to safety. Larry comes to mind as Otto’s new Dog Dad since he thought it a good idea to get a companion animal for Lola. I like the possibility of having Otto nearby in case we lose someone else through no fault of their own or stupidity like the man who fell into the sewer from curiosity. A bloodhound like Otto would do nicely I’m thinkin’.

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