The laziness of a rainy day allows me to sink into a malaise and enjoy every complaint that’s been lingering in the corners of my mind since the last ‘weather event’.  Mostly, I complain about all the aches and pains that come from early injuries and when older turn into arthritic hot spots. I feel like taking off my body and throwing it out the window to lay lifeless on the ground, nothing but a bag of tortured bones intent on making my life a misery, especially on the days I got something better to do. 

I’m resentful of all the mornings my body woke-up cranky and banged against the wall when I stood to slip one leg into my faded jeans preparing for a hike with the Women’s Walking Group before beginning a long work day that always leaves me traveling behind myself. 

If rain ruins plan A than I go to plan B and spend the day complaining, mostly to myself, but if someone is unfortunate enough to call that day, I whine ruthlessly in their ear and bring them to a state of pity you’d think I was dying. Eventually, I pull myself together and regale them with funny stories causing them to laugh out loud, which lifts my spirits and allows my woes to dissipate in the wind turning the leaves sideways, a glorious sight bringing a smile to my face. 

Then during the brief moment of my wellbeing, the caller tells me she just wanted to let me know her beloved gramma passed away from heart failure seconds after a car drove on the front lawn and nearly ran over Freddy, the family dog. My mind came to a screeching halt and began to consider wallowing in appreciation a better option on rainy days.  

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