I want to lie down in a bed of flowers next to my dog where the sun graces us with a shimmer that warms our toes and tells me it’s okay to be crazy now and run my tongue over a daffodil and tickle my dog’s ears with bamboo grass. Life takes turns playing with me in the morning and torturing me at night, sometimes without mercy but always grasping at kindness where the hummingbirds flutter over the zinnias.

A long time ago, someone called me names and told me to act right as though there was only one way to be in this fantastical world of dog energy and the sweetness of flowers where God can be found and bad things fade away.

Life has often turned sideways and even gone backwards with tiny steps seeking a forward motion, pulling my feet off the ground and leaving them to dangle in the air. No matter what the burden, my dog has been my constant companion and flowers the upliftment of my soul. Yes, I do believe God smiles at me from the faces of the flowers. I enjoy my own reality and sometimes invite others in to share the place where dandelions are not weeds but misplaced flowers.

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