My novel Where Cows Dance expresses the good fortune of those of us who grew up with cows and experienced the tenderness of their feelings. Unfortunately, they are viewed by many as sub-human and more likely than not to be exploited for every piece of their bodies that serves man. Vegans and carnivores verbally assault each other over their differences of opinion. I really was asked, as mentioned in the book, what would we do with all the cows if everyone was a vegan? I nearly laughed until realizing the person was serious. I now believe people would have a better understanding of cows if they rescued a calf and raised her like the family dog. No doubt, love would abound and be the connection that gives people an understanding that not only do cows have a generosity of feelings, which includes both love and fear, but they also have souls.  

Where Cows Dance is now available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle. Shop Amazon USA here and Amazon UK here.

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