Award Winning Author

Bonnie Jae Dane has won over a dozen film and writing awards, including the prestigious American Cable Excellence award, two American Film Festival awards, and the CINE Golden Eagle award.

She wrote the monologues to film Speakeasy women talkin’ mostly ’bout men, which was winner of Most Creative Film American Motion Picture Society, LA award; she is the author of the novel Solitary Pussytoes and former assistant to Cellist, Yo-Yo Ma, who describes her writing as ‘Mellifluous’.

It is said her writing contains a dazzling, brilliant and humorous collection of female characters telling their own stories of love. It’s a tribute to a woman’s extraordinary ability to go through life with resiliency and tenderness. She’s a lioness and a saint, while at the same time possessing the ordinary human need to find and give love. They make the reader think, feel, and smile at the simplicity of life if only we could all practice universal love.

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