Bonnie Jae Dane, a native of southern Appalachia, is the recipient of two National Endowment for the Humanities awards, the winner of numerous film and writing awards, including twice finalist at American Film Festival for the film Autism: A Behavioral Approach; nominee of prestigious American Cable Excellence award for the film The Combat Sport: Boxing Yesterday and Today;  winner of CINE Golden Eagle Award; writer of monologues used in the film SPEAKEASY women talkin’ mostly ‘bout men, which won Most Creative Film, American Motion Picture Society, LA.

Ms. Dane is at work on her next book Parental Outpatients told in her trademark comic/pathos style using a writing voice described by  Yo-Yo Ma as being, ‘ Mellifluous’.

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Bonnie’s Latest Book

Parental Outpatients is now available in paperback and on Kindle. Have you picked up your copy yet?

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Tiny Stories

Mavis Finds Love

Mavis Finds Love

Sleep eludes me. It passes by and lands on Mavis snoring lightly on the pillow next to mine. The moon shines on her soft hair and exposes her vulnerability. I wonder why dogs give humans the time of day only to be exploited in countless ways but occasionally find...



Yesterday, I watched my new neighbor spraying his flowers with a noxious agent determined to destroy the ground underneath his sturdy work shoes. My dog Mavis and I hung over his back fence hollering at him to bring his ear closer and let me whisper a few suggestions...

My Dog Mavis

My Dog Mavis

I want to lie down in a bed of flowers next to my dog where the sun graces us with a shimmer that warms our toes and tells me it's okay to be crazy now and run my tongue over a daffodil and tickle my dog's ears with bamboo grass. Life takes turns playing with me in...

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